Reformer Pilates

Designed to bring resistance to your Pilates practice, the Reformer helps to build core strength and stability, it also helps to build flexibility, co-ordination, balance … and to develop control throughout the body.

Requiring that you move mindfully … with control and precision … the Reformer provides not only the most elegant and graceful workout you’ll ever do, but the most challenging and rewarding too.  Ideal for all levels of fitness, the Reformer offers all the same health benefits as traditional Strength Training (improved muscular strength, joint stability, posture, heart health, lung function, blood sugar levels et al.) … just in a different way. 

Working from the blueprint of classic Pilates, and elevating things with my own personal style of training, sessions are completely bespoke and tailored to each individuals needs and abilities.  

Where do we workout?

Reformer Sessions are currently run from my home based studio in Central Broadstairs. A cool, calm and stylish studio space with full commercial grade equipment.


Individual Sessions (45mins) £45

6 x 45 min = £240