Strength & Conditioning 

Strength & Conditioning, aka resistance training, is essentially a style of exercise where we work the body using the resistance of weights to build muscular strength, stability and endurance. This can be in the use of gym-style resistance machines, dumbbells, kettlebells or your own bodyweight.  Scientifically proven to improve everything from your muscular strength, joint stability and heart health to to lung function and blood sugar levels … Strength training is something that everyone should be doing regardless of age or gender; to help improve both their physical and mental health and wellbeing.
In order to support your programme of exercise, you also have access to nutritional advice and guidance.  Nutrition plays a huge role in any health and fitness journey and it’s important that we fuel our bodies right for the results we’re looking for.
All sessions are 45 minutes long. 

Where do we workout?

I have my own private studio space in central Broadstairs.  Designed and fully equipped to deliver the very best in strength and conditioning training, this cool, calm & capacious space is as far removed from a gym environment as you can get. No ego’s, no fear, just a straightforward, stylish space for you to train the way you want to train with the one to one support of a PT to guide you through your completely bespoke programme of exercise.  Here we train to maximise your enjoyment of your workout and keep things progressive, enjoyable and challenging.


Pricing & Services

To stand the best chance of achieving the results you are looking for, clients are asked to commit to blocks of six sessions (if they are training once a week) or twelve sessions (if they are training twice or more per week.) 


One to One Training 

Block of six x 45min Sessions – £180

Group/Couples Training

Six x 45 min sessions = £300



1.   ‘Blocks’ are only valid for eight weeks from the date of a clients first session*. This is to ensure the very best results that can only come from continuity and commitment.   (*Does not apply across the Christmas Holiday season. Discretion may be exercised during the longer School Summer Holidays and in cases or ongoing illness & injury.)

2. Late notice (12hrs & under)/On The Day cancellations will incur the loss of a session. Cancellations before that time will allow for the session to be rescheduled (as per Rule #3 below)

3.  Rescheduling is only possible where both schedules allow and may only occur twice in a six week period.

4.  Once a set of six sessions has expired, clients are kindly asked to renew their payment plan in advance of their next session.

5. Should clients wish to take a break of more than two weeks*  from their PT sessions, but would like to reserve their regular slot, then a deposit of 50%  is required to secure this place.  This deposit is non-refundable should you subsequently decide not to return to your scheduled training slot.